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For all your safety consultancy needs, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

Safety Consultancy

Under Section 20 of the Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, every employer, including the self-employed, is required to possess a safety statement relevant to the work they undertake.


A safety statement is a personalized document that must be updated at least annually or whenever significant business changes occur. This vital document encompasses hazard and risk assessments related to workplace activities, ensuring the protection of employees and the public from potential harm. It's imperative that the safety statement remains accessible to all employees.

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For more information about topics such as safety statements, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

Let Us Handle It For You

At Proshield Health & Safety, we take care of all your safety statement needs, ensuring that you remain compliant and your workplace remains secure.


Our approach involves collaborating with you and your team to identify health and safety concerns and efficiently resolve them without disrupting your business operations. We are committed to cultivating long-term, productive relationships with our clients within a safe working environment.


For experts in safety consultany solutions, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

Our Comprehensive Services Include

  • Safety Statements: Tailored safety statements that meet regulatory requirements and adapt to changes in your business.

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment: Thorough assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks.

  • Safety Audits and Inspections: Regular audits and inspections to maintain a safe workplace.

  • Fire Safety Audits: Ensuring your premises are well-prepared for fire-related emergencies.

  • Training: Equipping your team with the knowledge and skills required to uphold safety standards.

  • General Health and Safety Awareness for Staff: Promoting a culture of safety and awareness among your workforce.

  • Where can I find health & safety courses near me?
    Proshield Health & Safety offers courses to customers throughout Ireland.
  • What health and safety courses are available?
    Our courses include manual handling, fire safety, food safety, cardiac first responder and more.
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