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For life saving first aid responder courses, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

First Aid Responder

Our 3-day FAR course holds recognition from the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and is expertly designed to cater to the fundamental lifesaving skills needed in critical situations.


Additionally, this course has received approval from the Health and Safety Authority and aligns seamlessly with the Health and Safety at Work Act Regulations of 2007.

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Facts About Cardiac Arrest

  • Incident Procedures (Including Calling 999/112 and Providing Pre-Arrival Information)

  • Patient Assessment (Covering Primary Survey, Secondary Survey, and Vital Signs)

  • CPR Techniques and AED Usage (for Adults, Children, and Infants)

  • Choking Remedies (for Adults, Children, and Infants)

  • Handling Common Medical Emergencies (Such as Asthma, Diabetes, Fainting, Seizures, Poisoning, Anaphylaxis, Heart Attacks, and Strokes)

  • Injury Management and Shock Treatment (Including the Use of Bandages and Slings)

  • Caring for an Unconscious Patient (Covering Concussion, Compression, the Recovery Position, and Spinal Injury)

  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia Management

  • Burn and Electrical Injury Care

  • Information Management and Effective Communication

  • Maintaining the Wellbeing of the First Aider

For fully certified first aid responder courses, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

For more information about what you’ll learn in a first aid responder course, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

What You’ll Receive During This Course

  • First Aid Response Booklet

  • First Aid Kit Pack for Hands-On Practice

  • Pocket Face Mask and Face Shield

  • Request Emergency Dispatch Card (RED)

No prior qualifications are required to enroll in this course, but participants should have proficiency in the English language.

  • Where can I find health & safety courses near me?
    Proshield Health & Safety offers courses to customers throughout Ireland.
  • What health and safety courses are available?
    Our courses include manual handling, fire safety, food safety, cardiac first responder and more.
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