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For a streamlined and effectively taught course in fire safety, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

Fire Safety & Fire Warden

Our Fire Warden Course is meticulously designed to equip participants with the knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to carry out their fire safety responsibilities in the workplace both safely and effectively. Throughout this course, we emphasize the significance of fire drills, record keeping, and proactive prevention measures.


The practical segment of the course encompasses hands-on experience in discharging a fire extinguisher and utilizing a fire blanket. Upon request, we can also conduct a fire evacuation drill to further enhance your readiness. Our Fire Warden Course can be delivered in person or through blended learning via Zoom, with the practical element conveniently arranged on an agreed-upon day.

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What You’ll Gain From This Course

  • Insight into Fire Safety Legislation

  • Understanding the Nature and Behavior of Fire

  • Knowledge of Smoke Characteristics

  • Proficiency in Fire Safety Management

  • Familiarity with Fire Safety Components

  • Mastery of Emergency Procedures

  • Identification of Fire Types and Methods of Extinguishing Them

  • Competence in Handling Fire Extinguishers

  • Proficiency in Using Fire Blankets

  • Certification as a Fire Marshal


For practical fire safety and fire warden courses, contact Proshield Health & Safety Training Solutions

  • Where can I find health & safety courses near me?
    Proshield Health & Safety offers courses to customers throughout Ireland.
  • What health and safety courses are available?
    Our courses include manual handling, fire safety, food safety, cardiac first responder and more.
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